Life (Wife) Changing Rewarding and Mining Protocol.

About Bitcoinaire

Bitcoinaire is a life (wife) changing rewarding and mining protocol. It’s a BTC reward and BTC mining Token with a running deflationary burning mechanism. We are in the process of expanding our solar farm from day to day. The energy generated is used exclusively to mine Bitcoin.The mined Bitcoins will be sent as Bep20 directly to the holders.We know that you all are sick of projects with high taxes. This is why we created a contract with NO buy taxes and ONLY 12% sell taxes! We added a deflationary burning mechanism to push the price.

This way we reduce the supply and control the price to the moon.

The initial burn is 40%!

Directly after the launch we will start to expand our solar farm and expand the mining farm. If you know people who might be interested you are welcome to invite them. The more people participate the bigger our solar farm and mining farm gets and the more you earn.

Don’t miss this out!

Bitcoinaire is just ♥♥♥!!

Buy and lean back!


Token Distribution Breakdown







Marketing and Burning

10% locked Tokens for Marketing and Burning Events


0% Team Tokens

Fees & Rewards

Buy Tax

0% Team Tokens

Sell Tax 12%

BTC Rewards 8% + Mining Fees 2% + Burning Fee 1% +Liquidity Fee 1%

Life (Wife) Changing Rewarding and Mining Protocol.